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SustainForte - your catalyst for sustainable business growth. We blend strategy, digitalisation,  social responsibility, and environmental stewardship to foster resilient and future-focused progress. Grow with us; grow sustainably.


SustainForte is a Norwegian consulting firm and your partner in Sustainability and strategic innovation. We are a specialised consulting firm with an extensive background in environmental, social, and strategic issues. At SustainForte, we see Sustainability as an integral part of any organisation rather than a separate consideration. We provide comprehensive solutions that enhance your organisation's resilience and competitive edge, ensuring a robust and future-proofed business model.


SustainForte is the brainchild of Dr Glenn Agung Hole, a revered scholar, experienced consultant, and successful entrepreneur with 27 years of professional expertise. He holds a PhD in Change Management, utilising the TIPS model (The TIPS methodology (, an MBA focusing on HRM, an Advanced Diploma in Management Strategy, and a Diploma in Supply Chain Management emphasising business processes and improvements.


Dr Hole has long C-level experience as CEO of Probo Eiendom Invest ASA, Drammen Taxi, Muritunet AS, Procuratio Consulting, and Fretex Miljø. He has experience as a Program Director in National Schoolfruit, Orkla Media Distribution, Lindroff Accounting Group etc., to mention a few major organisations he has been leading as a change and turnaround officer. He also serves as the chair of the think tank Sustinentia. Is the founder & CEO of SustainForte, bringing a holistic approach to Sustainability. His work with various environmental standards like ISO, Mijøfyrtårn, and Svane exemplifies his commitment to sustainable practices. Dr Hole is a specialist within TextilesWaste, Extended producer responsibility(EPR), ESG (Environmental, Social, & Governance), Taxonomy, Waste Management (Waste Framework Directive),


As a thought leader in Management Philosophy, Dr Hole balances his roles as a CEO and part-time Associate Professor and guest lecturer; he lectures in Sustainability, change management, digital business transformation, strategy and HR: His passion for social and environmental Sustainability has led him to mentor undergraduate and postgraduate students across the globe since 2010.


We challenge the status quo, identify core issues, and assist clients in designing and implementing efficient, sustainable operating models. 

At SustainForte, we help organisations identify their unique strengths, transform their goals into reality, and build a more sustainable future. Join us on this journey of strategic Sustainability. Together, we can create enduring value for your organisation and the world.

"Sustainability is not a mere trend or a checkbox on a to-do list; it's the responsible choice, the legacy we pass to future generations. It's the melody of life played harmoniously with nature's rhythm." Dr. Glenn Agung Hole, Ph.D.

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Elevate your business to the next level with SustainForte.

SustainForte is your trusted partner in digitalization, change management, and sustainability. We are a leading consulting firm specialising in helping businesses navigate the complexities of strategic transformation while embracing sustainable practices. With expertise in environmental standards compliance, textile waste management, extended producer responsibility (EPR), Environmental, Social and Governance, ESG and waste management and Taxonomy, we deliver comprehensive solutions to drive positive change. At SustainForte, we empower organizations to thrive in the digital age, manage change effectively, and create a more sustainable future.

Consulting Services Offered by SustainForte:

  1. Digitalization Consulting: We assist businesses in navigating digital transformation, leveraging technology to optimize operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive innovation.

  2. Change Management: Our experts guide managing organizational change effectively, ensuring smooth transitions and maximizing employee adoption and engagement.

  3. Sustainability Consulting: We offer comprehensive sustainability consulting services, helping organizations develop and implement sustainable practices, reduce environmental impact, and achieve social responsibility goals. ESG, SDG

  4. Strategy Consulting: We work closely with businesses to develop strategic plans that align with their vision, optimize performance, and drive sustainable growth.

  5. Environmental Standards Compliance: Our consultants support organizations in meeting environmental standards such as ISO, Mijøfyrtårn, and Svane, ensuring adherence to best practices and demonstrating a commitment to sustainable operations.

  6. Textile Waste Management: We advise companies on sustainable practices in the textile industry, including waste reduction, circularity, responsible sourcing, and supply chain transparency.

  7. Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR): We assist businesses in understanding and fulfilling their EPR obligations, developing effective programs to manage the lifecycle of their products and minimize environmental impact.

  8. Waste Management Consulting: Our consultants guide waste management strategies, helping organizations optimize waste reduction, recycling, and responsible disposal practices in alignment with the Waste Framework Directive. Experience from Municipality Waste Management.

SustainForte's consulting services encompass digitalization, change management, sustainability, strategy development, environmental standards compliance, textile waste management expertise, extended producer responsibility (EPR), and waste management. We tailor our services to meet each client's specific needs and objectives, supporting them in achieving their sustainability and business goals.

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Empowering Sustainability, the Holistic Way

"Dr  Hole is an extraordinary leader who elevates others by recognizing their strengths and providing opportunities for growth" Betül Öner

"Dr Hole's extensive knowledge in sustainable development, climate change, and social entrepreneurship enables him to provide valuable guidance and support to those seeking to make a difference in these areas. His commitment to a more sustainable future is evident in his professional work and how he mentors, inspiring others to adopt a similar mindset"  Malaly Safi

"Dr Hole is a highly accomplished digital business transformation leader who excels in identifying individual potential and leveraging his exceptional interpersonal skills to foster the growth of others". Lasse Hestun